With his experience in computer graphics, photography and other image professions, the artist Alain Miville-Deschênes used his mastery of design to design and create artisanal knives made in Quebec that are as aesthetic as they are ergonomic and utilitarian. He began by creating his own tools and machines and then learned art cutlery on his own.

Artistic cutlery is a very vast discipline that requires multiple knowledge and mastery; metalworking, woodworking or other materials (organic or composite), heat treatment, design and ergonomics, leatherworking (for cases), engraving, sculpture, etc. In short, a field offering a multitude of opportunities for creation, research and experimentation, which are the very source of the artist's motivation.

Some of his knives were born in the fire of the forge but the vast majority were created via the "stock removal" technique, a technique which consists of starting with a steel bar and machining it until obtaining the final form. This technique, although less traditional, allows you to work with more stainless steels such as ATS-34 or CPM S30V steels. The artist's preferred materials are mostly organic, such as wood, horns, plumes and fossilized mammoth ivory. He also sometimes likes to use certain composite materials for their particular properties (exceptional durability).

For the moment, the artist is no longer accepting orders for knives. He prefers to concentrate on his production of prehistoric jewelry. On the other hand, he is working on certain personal projects and if certain pieces become available, they will be put on sale here. It should be noted that all the pieces presented opposite have already found buyers and are unfortunately no longer available for sale.