Professional in the art profession since 2004, the work of the artist Alain Miville-Deschênes was initially oriented towards artistic cutlery and jewelry. It was a few years ago (2012), seeking to explore new mediums, that he began self-taught the practice of woodturning.

The artist is particularly fond of the natural, tormented or imperfect side of wood. He attempts to take advantage of these different imperfections to bring out the intrinsic character of the material. Knots, scars, cracks, irregularities, bark, so many characteristics generally perceived as defects, become here “character traits” which will enrich his works. He also seeks the organic and asymmetrical side of the raw material, leaving a lot of room for the unexpected and hidden surprises which are revealed during filming but also during drying,

In addition to formal research, the artist likes to explore sculpture and textures, thus giving rise to works that are discovered and appreciated as much by sight as by touch. Mainly using trees recovered in and around Quebec City, the artist gives a second life to pieces of wood, which otherwise would have been burned. Creating a fine and aesthetic piece from a simple log represents a great gratification.