Pendentif en ivoire de mammouth fossilisé
Pendentif en ivoire de mammouth fossilisé

Mammoth ivory pendant “Fish hook”

$110.00 CAD
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  • Prehistoric pendant fashioned from fossilized mammoth ivory, over 11,000 years old

  • Dimensions: 2cm x 4.4cm (0.8" x 1.73")

  • Small explanatory booklet included with each piece of jewelry

  • The pendant comes with a black waxed cotton cord of adjustable length with slip knots 

Although mammoths have been extinct for around 11,000 years, it is possible to find some remains of these iconic prehistoric animals in the frozen ground of Alaska or Siberia.

Unlike elephant ivory which is highly regulated to protect the species, fossilized mammoth ivory is considered a fossil and its trade is therefore perfectly legal, in all countries of the world.

The color of some pieces of fossilized ivory comes from the absorption of minerals from the soil by the tusk during its long stay underground. The external part of the tusk is sometimes colored (from brown to orange, green and blue), while the internal part, sheltered from the elements, has retained its creamy white color. Cracks and cracks are also an integral part of this unique material.

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